*ON SALE* Build & Play Bucket Of 175 Colourful Pieces & 20 Building Ideas Booklet
*ON SALE* Build & Play 400 Pieces In Orange Roller Box 24-in-1

*ON SALE* Build & Play Constructions Box 20-In-1

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YES!!! Special Offer from Playmags Buy One Get One Free!!!

This Box contains pieces enough to Construct 20 different constructions,

76 Clics + 22 accessories + building plan

Do your kids love building houses, planes, boats, trucks? If you need more Clics to expand the world you’re creating, the Box of 20 Constructions is just the thing for you! Here’s something to feed your kids imagination and creativity!
The box contains 76 Clics, 24 accessories and instructions for making 20 models.
Expand your kids universe!
Click here to download your free Playmags ideas book!
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