We really love Playmags. They are just the kind of resources we aim to provide our preschoolers. Playmags are open ended, flexible and children can use them in multiple ways to build skills in creativity, problem solving and numeracy. Our children also enjoy the booklet and use it for inspiration and when they want a challenge! We love Playmags because they are durable and encourage children to work together on projects.

Mel - Clarendon Children Centre


This is a great example of a toy that is simple yet extremely well made.

One thing I really liked about these was how easily they snapped together. My daughter is 10, but autistic and developmentally delayed. I get her a lot of toys trying to find ones that she can use easily herself but that also aren’t babyish. This was perfect. For one of the first times ever, she successfully snapped together the parts of a toy! And…when I put it away in the box, she later went on her own, opened the box and played more. For those of you who also struggle to interest your autistic children in toys, you know how wonderful that is.

The price might seem slightly high at first glance, but I can say it’s not. So many toys are basically one use junk, so a well-made, well-designed toy like this is worth the cost. I know we’ll be enjoying it for a long time.

A Caring Mum - Ingle Farm S.A.