20PCS Playmags Squares Pack - 3D Clear Colour Genuine Magnetic Tiles Supermags (Newest Version 2019-’20)
Playmags Large 3D Clear Colour Magnetic Board 30x30cm (2015-'16)

60PCS Playmags 3D Clear Colour Genuine Magnetic Tiles Supermags + 6 ABC Clickins (New 2019-'20 version)

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60pcs Playmags pack includes 2x Large Square / 22x Small Square /  2x Windows /10x Small Triangle / 4x Medium Triangle / 8x Tall Triangle / 2x Large Square / Bonus: 6x ABC Clickins.

Playmags building blocks are unique, the magnets attract on all sides and even when flipped around. children will effortlessly learn through creative play about geometric shapes, symmetry, architecture and basic math concepts such as counting, addition and subtraction through manipulation of the colourfull pieces.

Place the pieces together on a flat surface to make designs. Build a cube with six squares and notice how the first two pieces placed next to each other create instant support and allow additional pieces to be added easily.

Play is the primary mode of learning for children. Young children love discovering mathematical concepts in the world around them. when a child has the opportunity to take flat objects and successfully construct 3D projects from them, the sense of discovery is very exciting and empowering. 

This playmags toy offers hours and hours of fun - children can build various projects and let their imagination go wild with ideas. create cubes, houses, airplanes, cars, fish and so much more! 

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